About 3rd Act Gypsy

September 2015

Open the window, let's see what's out there today.

Open the window, let’s see what’s out there today.

I’ve gone to school, I’ve raised a family, I’ve had a great career and yet . . .

. . . I’m feeling untethered, restless, bored. I’m searching for what’s next and I know that whatever I do will need to have purpose, community, adventure, creativity and more than a dash of fun. So I’m taking a leap of faith and beginning my journey.

It’s now time to raise the curtain on my 3rd act.

This forum comes at the request of friends and family to share my adventures (and my photos). I intend to also subject them to my mistakes and my reflections along the way. It’s my sincere hope that it will help everyone that reads it create their own distinct journey.  If you are entering this phase or beginning to think about it, welcome. More than anything, I look forward to hearing from, and learning from, all of you that join this community of 3rd act gypsies. Let’s hit the road and see what life has in store for us!

Hugs to all.