From Arcos to Seville with a Detour or Two

Leaving Arcos de la Frontera, we quickly dropped down out of the hill towns into Jerez; best known for their sherry and brandy winery region, flamenco dancing and the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art. Catching the horse show at noon (not available every day, so plan ahead) was spectacular and I’d recommend going early to wander the […]

Non-linear Travel Planning

  There hasn’t been a lot about this trip that was conventional. I didn’t book a round trip ticket and I didn’t plan anything past the trip through Spain. So it should come as no surprise that the rest of the trip came together in a very non-linear way as well. Probably not the recommended […]

Hidden Hill Towns & Hidden Stories

Setting out for the hill towns of Andalusia, it’s probably a good thing we didn’t know what we were getting into because we might not have gotten in the car! Sometimes ignorance can be bliss and in this case, it also let us experience some very special places tucked away in the Sierra Nevada (“snowy range” […]

Malaga’s Massive Maze of Mayhem

One of the best things about travel is that every once in a while you run into what I think of as “happy accidents”. Those unexpected gifts that are given to you without planning; gifts that delight and surprise and make you realize that not everything in life should be planned. That sometimes just being […]

Everything is Grand in Granada

Arriving in Granada, you feel the dryness of the air, the expanse of the landscape and the beauty of the architecture. One of the main attractions here is the Alhambra, an immense palace and fortress set high on a hill that takes hours to tour. Prior to the tour, we wandered through the Albayzin quarter, […]

Catalonia is not Spain

There is a widely held belief here in Barcelona that Catalonia should not be part of Spain. In fact, they have officially voted to secede from Spain but the government in Madrid will not let them. They are voting once again very soon. [update on the vote here] Signs and menus are in Catalan first, […]

A One Way Ticket to Barcelona

As I exited the Corporate World in early July, I had 3 goals in mind. The 1st was to cleanse my mental palette, the 2nd was to restore my creative reservoir and the 3rd was to let my gypsy spirit travel the world for a bit and be reminded that I’m never lost, just exploring. I […]